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29th November 2021

A summary of the planning process, which will be published in the Steep & Stroud December/January Newsletter:

• When talking with people locally, it became obvious that everyone wants a clearer understanding of how the planning process will work and the development may progress, and the timetable for it all. I hope this brief message goes some way to help.

• I know that the opportunity for consultation is uppermost in many minds and I would just confirm that WDH is committed to public consultation. However, for this to be productive and meaningful, it is important that the visuals we produce for you to consider are along lines that would be acceptable to The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA), in planning terms. This process does take time and we are working on it at the moment.

• I am happy to confirm that the stage 1 report, a Landscape and Visual Impact Appraisal and supporting documents, has been prepared and will be submitted to the SDNPA planners. Once the SDNPA has registered the documents they will be publicly available via their planning portal. The purpose of the report is to establish a landscape baseline for the site. The whole development will be ‘Landscape led’ and the baseline will be built on the evidence we have gathered from the arboricultural, ecological, topographical, highways and drainage surveys. These factors combined, define the parameters that WDH is obliged to follow for development within the allocated site area. Over the coming weeks WDH, having provided this material to the SDNPA for their review, will engage with them in the first stage of pre-application discussions.

• Having submitted the baseline evidence for the site, and if the baseline is agreed, an indicative programme for the project would look like the following:

November 2021 – Stage 1 evidence submitted to SDNPA to commence the pre-application process.

December 2021 – Feedback on the landscape baseline received from the SDNPA enabling first layouts to be produced.

December 2021 / January 2022 – Submission of site layouts, and architectural forms, which will reflect the initial SDNPA advice and direction.

January / February 2022 – Feedback received from SDNPA on possible site layouts allowing WDH to produce layout proposals.

February / March 2022 – Presentation of the draft proposals for public consultation. The venue to be agreed, but hopefully in the Village Hall with WDH advisors present.

April 2022 – Information and comments received will where possible be built into a planning submission to the SDNPA.

The timeline above can only be indicative; it is sensitive, particularly, to SDNPA feedback and timescales and as such it may change. I will report on this with further updates as we move through the planning process.

Stuart Wilson, Wilson Designer Homes. stuart@wilsondesigner.co.uk

Link to Steep in Need Web Page: https://steepinneed.org.uk/the-development/

Link to SDNP Portal Page: https://www.southdowns.gov.uk/planning-applications/find-an-application/

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